Theme for Marianist HILAC 2019 TBD


This was our theme for 2017.  New theme

to be announced in Fall 2018         


              Listen to the Heart

(“The Essential is the Interior.”  Bl. William Joseph Chaminade)

Your na’au doesn’t lie

The na’au speaks the LAW OF LOVE

From thedepths of the na’au comes love Love Ke Akua and Love one another-Listen to the other with your na’au

The na’au is the seat of forgiveness The na’au grants mercy

Listen without judgment

Be OPEN as you listen

The na’au full of JOY is praise-worthy

A na’au full of happiness is captiyating Living from the na’au gives life

Living from the na’au supports life Living from your na’au supports life Living from your na’au brings about life A na’au full of love is spellbinding

Leading with your na’au is using heart & mind The na’au is the place that nurtures

The na’au is the place that gives

Giving from the na’au makes no demands

Giving from the na’au has no strings attached Giving from the na’au truly creates

Creative love comes from the na’au

Listen to that FREEDOM from your na’au Loving from the na’au expects nothing Love from the na’au is uncritical

Harmony is created by love from the na’au Listening ONLY to the mind equals discord The na’au sings a happy tune

Sing to one another with your whole na’au Let your na’au sing to Ke Akua also

Listen to the thankfulness from your na’au • Praise Ke Akua from whom all blessing flow The na’au is the place of all praise

The na’au sings with JOY

With us is God in our na’au

We feel the presence of Ke Akua in our na’au

G. DeCosta- 2017