Workshop Session A – Friday, Nov. 3rd – 2 – 3:30pm


 Keynote Follow Up with Mary Louise Bringle (with help from Tony Alonso & Lori True)  This session provides an opportunity to explore the topic in more depth.  Tony and Lori will use their musical talents to bring Ms. Bringle’s words to another level of meaning.


Sacred Movement with Sr. Yoo Soo Kim, MM.  This session provides an opportunity to experience a holistic approach to spirituality in which body, mind and heart come together in a deeper and more contemplative prayer experience.


The Liturgical Guitarist with Pedro Rubalcava. This session explores techniques and styles of guitar playing integrated into liturgical and personal prayer.


The Liturgical Pianist with Chris DeSilva.  Chris will use his talents as pianist, composer and choir director to demonstrate the interplay of the keyboard instruments with the prayerfulness of sacred music.


The Liturgical Proclaimer with Lynne Gray.  Lynne takes participants through the most effective methods for proclaiming the Word of God in liturgy and prayer.  Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how to both understand what you read AND to communicate that understanding to the gathered faithful.


Working Together As One (Liturgical Choirs) with Anna Betancourt.  Anna shows participants how to bring together musical instruments and a variety of voices in a beautiful prayer that shows the beauty of the diversity of the Body of Christ.


 Ministering to the Vietnamese Community – Bro. Rufino Zaragoza, OFM.  This session is designed for the members of the Vietnamese Community and those who work with them.  Bro. Rufino will share his experience including his work in Vietnam this past summer.  Session A-7 has been cancelled due to a health crisis in Bro. Rufinoʻs family.  Let us keep him and his family in our prayer.