Workshop Session C: Saturday, Nov. 4th – 1:30pm – 3:00pm


Hula and Sacred Gesture in the Diocese of Honolulu:  Kumu Hula Maelia Lobenstein-Carter and Bro. Dennis Schmitz, S.M.  Too often there is confusion as to what is and what isn’t allowed in our parish and school liturgies.  The presenters will review the carefully crafted diocesan document concerning these issues and will demonstrate the wide breadth of appropriate sacred gesture in our prayer.


Successful Music Ministries with Limited Resources: Pedro Rubalcava.  Pedro has vast experience in working within severe limitations when trying to lead liturgical prayer.  What are the options?  How can I help with music and proclamation when I have no funds and few volunteers?  Pedro will answer these questions and more.


The Liturgical Cantor: Lynne Gray.  Lynne, a vocal instructor, will complement Anna Bettancourt’s presentations on cantoring.  Explore your call to this special ministry.  Learn how to grow in your ability to lead the community in song.


Living in Two Worlds: Fr. Alapaki Kim.  Native Hawaiians and other indigenous peoples live in two worlds.  There is the world of native culture, language, rules and customs.  There is another world with the dominant culture and language.  How does one navigate this divide?  How does one try to advance justice while living in a foreign world?  Fr. Alapaki will share how he handles this conflict.


Youth Ministry Leaders: Chris DeSilva.  Chris has been working in the filed of youth ministry for many years.  Listen to him as he shares the “tricks of the trade” of how to work with youth and young adults.


Liturgy: Tony Alonso.  Tony will lead the group in a deeper understanding of the deep theology of liturgical prayer.  Tony will reflect on his findings from his doctoral dissertaion in which he explores how our consumeristic society influences how we do public prayer.